Related Article Information

Container element for a text link to a related journal article, possibly accompanied by a very brief description of the object (such as “errata”)


This element has 2 uses:

Whether used in the metadata or within the text, <related-article> permits the description of all types of “related” references wherever these occur in an article. The @related-article-type attribute can be used to name the type or purpose of the relationship. Examples include:


elocation-id Elocation Identifier
ext-link-type Type of External Link
id Identifier
issue Issue Number of a Related Article
journal-id Journal Identifier of a Related Article
journal-id-type Type of Journal Identifier
page Page of Related Article
related-article-type Type of Related Article
specific-use Specific Use
vol Volume of Related Article
xlink:actuate Actuating the Link
xlink:href Href (Linking Mechanism)
xlink:role Role of the Link
xlink:show Showing the Link
xlink:title Title of the Link
xlink:type Type of Link
xmlns:xlink XLink Namespace Declaration

Related Elements

There are two linking elements in this Tag Set that can be used to point two related objects:

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  related-article
                        (#PCDATA %related-article-elements;)*        >

Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | bold | italic | monospace | overline | overline-start | overline-end | roman | sans-serif | sc | strike | underline | underline-start | underline-end | journal-id | named-content | styled-content | annotation | article-title | chapter-title | collab | comment | conf-date | conf-loc | conf-name | conf-sponsor | date | date-in-citation | day | edition | email | elocation-id | etal | ext-link | fpage | gov | institution | isbn | issn | issue | issue-id | issue-part | issue-title | lpage | month | name | object-id | page-range | part-title | patent | person-group | pub-id | publisher-loc | publisher-name | role | season | series | size | source | std | string-name | supplement | trans-source | trans-title | uri | volume | volume-id | volume-series | year | sub | sup)*


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<abstract>, <ack>, <aff>, <alt-title>, <app>, <app-group>, <article-title>, <attrib>, <bio>, <body>, <bold>, <book-title>, <boxed-text>, <collection-name>, <comment>, <def-head>, <disp-quote>, <glossary>, <italic>, <kwd>, <license-p>, <meta-value>, <monospace>, <named-content>, <notes>, <overline>, <p>, <product>, <ref-list>, <roman>, <sans-serif>, <sc>, <sec>, <speaker>, <strike>, <styled-content>, <sub>, <subtitle>, <sup>, <td>, <term>, <term-head>, <th>, <title>, <trans-abstract>, <trans-subtitle>, <trans-title>, <underline>


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