Archiving-specific Changes

The Archiving Tag Set, archivearticle3.dtd, was brought up to Version 3.0, with the DTD version attribute (@dtd-version) set to “3.0 ” and the version and date changed in every module to “v3.0 20080202 ”.

Archiving Changes in Classes

The following changes were made to the base classes defined in archivecustom-classes3.ent:

Archiving Expand use of <x>

For Archiving, it seemed appropriate to “put <x> almost everywhere”, that is, allow <x> everywhere text can be used as well as inside any OR groups where it makes sense.

In All Phrase — First <x> was added to text everywhere by adding <x> to the content of %all-phrase; (using %x.class;) in the module archivecustom-mixes3.ent.

Trivial Addition to OR Groups — The element <x>was added to the following element content elements (using %x.class;) as a trivial change to an internal OR group:

Trivial Addition to Mixed Content — The element <x> was added as a trivial change to the following mixed-content elements (using %x.class;) :

Major Model Change — The element <x> was added to the following elements (using %x.class;) , resulting in major model changes:

Where <x> is Not — By design, <x> was therefore not added to elements that were viewed as critical #PCDATA-only metadata such as identifiers, page numbers, and date components. The <x> was also not added to the few restricted, single-function elements in the Tag Sets (such as <glyph-data>). Therefore, the element <x> was explicitly not added to the following #PCDATA-only elements:

Archiving Article Metadata Element

In the module archivecustom-models3.ent, the new <article-meta> element, after all changes, is defined as:

(article-id*, article-categories?, 
(contrib-group | aff | %x.class;)*, 
author-notes?, pub-date*,
volume?, volume-id*, volume-series?, 
issue?, issue-id*, issue-title*,
issue-sponsor*, issue-part?, isbn*, 
( ( (fpage, lpage?)?, page-range?) | 
elocation-id )?, 
(%address-link.class; | product | 
history?, permissions?, self-uri*, 
related-article*, abstract*, 
trans-abstract*, kwd-group*, funding-group*, 
conference*, counts?, custom-meta-group?)

The changes to make this new model (using %article-meta-model;) are:

Archiving Other Article Metadata

Some elements within the article metadata also changed models:

Archiving Funding Information

Archiving Front Stub Metadata

In archivearticle3.dtd, enhanced the <front-stub> model to include all elements in <article-meta>. Thus, in Archiving, the potential metadata elements are same for both <front-stub> and <article-meta>, to accommodate whatever subset a publisher might think appropriate for a <front-stub>, while retaining the convenience of not being required to repeat the infrastructure of a full <front> for a <sub-article> .

Archiving Reference Lists

The Archiving Tag Set no longer has an override for the %references.class;. This Tag Set uses the default references elements, adding special Archive-only elements such as <x> to the individual models of the citation elements (<element-citation> and <mixed-citation>) using the parameter entity %citation-elements; .

Archiving New Labels

Added an optional <label> to just before <title> in all the following elements:

Archiving Element Overrides

In archivecustom-models3.ent:

Archiving Chemical Structures Changes

Although it was not the intent when the Tag Sets were written, most Tag Set users have been treating <chem-struct> as an inline and <chem-struct-wrap> as a block structure. This greatly simplifies all processing with the two and seems quite flexible, so steps were taken to regularize this usage:

The element <chem-struct> has been removed from within the following elements, where it has been allowed in previous versions, allowing only the block <chem-struct-wrap> to be used: [Backward incompatible]

Following these changes, <chem-struct> is now allowed within the following elements:

Following these changes, <chem-struct-wrap> is now allowed within the following elements:

Archiving Attribute Changes